Pulse Secure Webinar: A Spotlight on Zero Trust and SDP in a World of Secure Access

19.03.19 16:00 – 19.03.19 17:00 online


A Spotlight on Zero Trust and SDP in a World of Secure Access

Tuesday, 19 March 2019 / 4 pm


Workforce mobility and widespread adoption of distributed data center and cloud environments have introduced significant access control complexities and threats. Organizations are questioning the efficacy of conventional, perimeter-based defenses and are now evaluating a “trust but verify” model. What are key enterprise considerations when deploying Zero Trust and Software-defined Perimeter (SDP) to enable seamless access, ensure business compliance and mitigate risk?

This webinar provides a pragmatic deep-dive into the world of Zero Trust and explores the advantages, nuances and technologies behind Secure Access and Software Defined Perimeter.

Join Pulse Secure and learn:

  • Where IT consumerization, virtualization and multi-cloud impacts access
  • The interest, reasoning and mechanics beyond the Zero Trust adoption
  • Why modern applications and usage must accommodate multi-trust models
  • Assessing Zero Trust readiness and determining targeted implementation
  • A flexible reference architecture for hybrid IT secure access

Presented by: Bryan Embrey, Senior Product Manager




Mario Di Vita

Business Development Manager

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